As I have written before, I like setting myself projects on which to work as, over the weeks, their aim becomes clearer, the style more honed and the photographs more 'focused' as a result.

There are many ways in which photographs can be a visual diary, either complementing words or standing alone:

They can become the diary of a visited place, or the different 'faces' of where one lives as the seasons follow one on another.

They can become a diary of the weather day by day. The challenge here is to avoid the obvious 'skyscape' image as if only a photograph that includes the sky can reflect the weather.

They can become a diary of the people one meets- not only friends but also strangers with whom one might have encountered for only a few seconds.

They can be a record of a daily commute (ideal for mobile phone technology where it is easier to be discrete when taking the photograph).

Or a diary of one's moods day by day as a series of selfies.

In today's digital age, the diary no longer needs to be a book in the bedside drawer in which one writes a paragraph or two at the end of the day as one of my daughters has been doing religiously since the age of about thirteen, wonderful though that is.

Find your own unique version of a visual diary. It can be very satisfying and, at the end of a year, the images will, almost inevitably, conjure up days that might otherwise have been forgotten as merely routine.