Beauty. In the eye of the beholder holding the camera? But is it shared by the viewer who sees the image without the benefit of context or cultural communion? Movement. Mood. Face and Landscape.

Time. Still or passing? A moment in time - the decisive moment? Anticipated or happening to be there? Time of day? Time written on a face. An era in time; a set to capture the current fascination with all things retro. Time to kill; the rigours of waiting.

Justice. Asexpressed by judgement or understanding? Or kangaroo court where it is more likely to be revenge or retribution? Relief and/or closure for the victims. For those left behind to grieve. As a process with all its pomp and ceremony. As a symbol, blindfolded standing aloft the Old Bailey.

Peace. Of mind? In our time? At rest; at last? The absence of war. Absolution's reward? The sleep of the just.

Wisdom. Experience distilled. In the eyes. Humbled by knowledge, thus shared. Teacher and pupil. Light in the dark. Not just the prerogative of age.

When photographing such fundamental concepts lateral thinking often helps to give them a concrete shape or image. Go beyond the obvious.