Photograph the sea every day for a year, even at the same time of day and from the same spot, and you will photograph 365 different emotions and attitudes personified by salt water.

Fury, frustration, solace, relaxation, suspicion, arrogance, playfulness, benevolence, release, power, warning, greeting, repetition, unpredictability... to name but a few. Each appears to have its colour; each shapes and sizes the waves, their speed, their frequency; each has its sound that, in some photographs can be heard, whilst in others, asks for silence. The proverbial millpond can become the tsunami in minutes. It is as generous in what it deposits on the shore and nurtures in its waters, as it is seemingly cruel in what is takes away.

Photograph the sea every day and you will learn to respect it. In return it will give you moments of such beauty and majesty it will take your breath away.