As I complete the process of gathering together the images that will go into the exhibition which opens on Friday evening I have become increasingly aware of the criteria that have, almost subconsciously, imposed themselves on my choice of photographs. 

Firstly, the gallery is very versatile as it is cleverly divided into different areas that can work as mini galleries within the larger space. This has allowed me to exhibit photographs in a number of styles without too much apprehension about these styles clashing over vigorously. Since I enjoy, almost on a day by day basis, working on different types of photograph rather than focusing on one style, I find this very satisfying.

Secondly, and this has been a surprise,  I have become more and more conscious of the importance of uncluttered space in photographs. Although my design based work tends to be 'busy', using a deliberate, strong juxtaposition of colours to capture the eye, much of my black and white work and other more traditional photographs emerge from and are surrounded by a lot of white or black 'space'. For example, my high contrast, black and white photographs of flowers are framed by a deep black surround. By contrast, many of the landscapes are defined by large expanses of white which allow the shapes - a ruined jetty, the sculpture of a painter, four children shrimping by a pool - to stand out in a manner that means they appear to be both interesting shapes and specific, figurative 'objects'.

I am sure that those who come to view the exhibition will soon let me know whether all of this works or not, whether it is a miss-mash or does, indeed, show a photographer that enjoys experimentation and part of the pleasure of visiting the exhibition is to celebrate the differences as well as finding correlations between the different approaches.

For information about the exhibition, please go to the Exhibitions and Commercial section of the website. Thanks.