It is with some sadness that the exhibition at the Updown gallery has come to an end as, in almost all ways, it has been very successful. Some photographs were sold, lots if portraits were taken, two talks were very much appreciated by their audiences, and many new contacts and friends were made. Most enjoyable and satisfying has been the level of interest and genuine surprise and effusive praise we have received from those visiting the gallery. People who admitted they came in for a 'quick look round' have stayed 45 minutes, in some cases an hour. They have loved being talked through the intricacies of Polly's jewellery making and the techniques behind the more experimental photographs, although the seascapes and the traditional black and white images have also generated a lot of discussion.

So, 'what's next'? As a result of this exhibition it looks almost certain that I will be offered the opportunity to have another one at Creek Creative in Faversham in early summer. I hope to go there later this week to look at the available spaces and times. The temptation, with a lot of new framed pieces now leaning against the walls at home, will be to re-display those, but I always like to have some new images ready for new spaces. It is my way of making sure I keep trying to move my photography forward, and exhibitions are great as they really make me choose only what I am entirely happy to display. This whole process, therefore, becomes a good arbiter of quality.

Watch this space!