The brighter the morning, the earlier one needs to photograph. Some would argue that bright summer sunshine is only good for photography because of the shadows it creates. Otherwise its 'bleaching' impact on colours and the haze that often accompanies it can have a detrimental effect on landscapes. As regards portraits, its harshness on skin and the tendency to make people narrow the eyes to protect them from the glare, produce images that are seldom as effective as when taken in a softer light.

If I am photographing on a day of bright sunshine at any other time than early dawn I usually work with a polarising filter. It deepens the blue of the sky and enhances the intensity of colour on buildings and clothes.

It is 7.30am and, as I look out of my window and listen to the seagulls fighting for scraps, the light is already a glare. For almost the first time this year a T-shirt is enough for warmth but my camera is in its bag. Too tired from a busy day yesterday to make the early, pre-sunrise pilgrimage to the beach!