I was up in London yesterday and immediately became aware of how complex its identity as a city has become. Multicultural in a vibrant way, the skyline changing by the day yet, as I was reminded when listening to Radio 4 on Saturday, the home of more trees (I think it was 8 million) than people.

It has initiated what I hope will become a future project to go along side my 'Shard from every angle' collection of images. I ended up down a cul-de-sac near Hyde Park Corner; not one where mews houses are pristine and look the million+ pounds they would cost in this area, but a slightly shabby (without the chic) road that seemed delightfully unpretentious. How this might influence my new project to capture an aspect of London that is 'different' I am not sure as yet, but I am working on it. Safe to say it reminded me that, despite the many changes, other parts remain seemingly protected from radical metamorphosis, and I think that may be at the heart of what I end up photographing.